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mens linen shirt, stay fresh with linen at Nølson

Are you in search of a stylish upgrade? Look no further than the classic  mens linen shirt. This lightweight and breathable garment not only exudes a relaxed and refined charm but also offers incredible versatility for various occasions. Whether you're attending a casual summer gathering, exploring exotic destinations, or simply aiming for a polished yet relaxed look, the shiny linen fabric has it all. Get ready to explore a world of style possibilities with the mens linen shirt!

Discover the various ways to wear your mens linen shirt!

A mens linen shirt is truly a versatile garment that provides a seemingly endless array of outfit possibilities. The airy fabric and timeless design make it perfect for casual occasions, such as a relaxed day out, an informal dinner, or just a stroll in the park. Linen's natural breathable properties keep you cool and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for warm weather. The fabric can be both breezy and stylish, ensuring you always look relaxed yet well-dressed.

Casual Summer Outfit

In summer, it's time to embrace the beautiful weather and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. A mens linen shirt is an absolute must-have for a casual summer outfit. Pair it with light-colored chinos for a fresh and relaxed look. The airy and breathable qualities of linen will keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Roll up the sleeves and wear the shirt partially unbuttoned for a laid-back vibe. Add a pair of casual sneakers and don't forget your favorite sunglasses. Whether you're heading to a summer barbecue or just relaxing in the backyard. A casual summer outfit with a mens linen shirt is the perfect choice for a stylish and effortlessly cool appearance.

Beach or Vacation Outfit

Looking for the perfect outfit for the beach or vacation? A linen shirt is an absolute must-have for an effortlessly stylish look. Wear it over your favorite swim trunks or pair it with lightweight and loose shorts. The airy and breathable properties of linen will ensure you stay comfortable even on hot days. Roll up the sleeves and let the shirt drape loosely over your shoulders for a relaxed and carefree look. Whether you're spending a day at the beach, lounging by the pool, or strolling along the coast, a beach or vacation outfit with a mens linen shirt is the ideal choice for a trendy and comfortable style.

Informal Parties or Barbecues

For informal parties or casual barbecues, a mens linen shirt is an excellent choice for creating an effortlessly stylish look. Pair the shirt with chinos or light jeans for a casual yet well-groomed appearance. Opt for a fresh, summery colour like light blue, white, or pastel shades to create a relaxed and sophisticated ambience. Roll up the sleeves for a more relaxed look and wear the shirt loosely tucked in or untucked. Complete the outfit with a pair of fashionable sneakers or leather loafers. Whether you're enjoying an informal garden party or a cosy barbecue with friends. An outfit for informal parties or barbecues with a linen shirt ensures you look stylish and feel comfortable during the festivities.

Business-Casual Look

For a business-casual look, a linen shirt is a versatile garment that pairs perfectly with a relaxed yet professional appearance. Combine the shirt with well-fitting chinos or trousers in neutral colours such as navy blue, grey, or khaki. Opt for a slim-cut linen shirt in a solid colour or subtle pattern to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. You can choose to wear the shirt with or without a tie, depending on the dress code and formal requirements of your workplace. Complete the look with a pair of smart shoes, such as loafers, for a polished appearance. With a business-casual outfit featuring a mens linen shirt, you exude professionalism while remaining comfortable during long workdays.

Travel Outfit

A linen shirt is an essential item for your travel outfit. Whether you're heading to an exotic destination or taking a city break, a linen shirt offers both comfort and style. The lightweight and breathable material keeps you cool and fresh, even in hot climates. Pair the shirt with comfortable and versatile shorts or casual pants. Add a pair of sneakers or loafers for a relaxed look. The mens linen shirt can also serve as a lightweight layer you can easily put on and take off, depending on the temperature. It's not only practical but also adds a touch of style to your travel outfit. Whether you have an adventurous day of sightseeing ahead or simply want to relax and enjoy, a linen shirt is an ideal choice for a comfortable and fashionable travel look.

Choose your mens linen shirt at NØLSON!

At NØLSON, we offer an extensive collection of linen shirts that cater to various style preferences and personal tastes.

Our Sundre Blue is more than just a blue color; it's a beautiful, elegant shade that subtly grabs attention and provides a refined look, perfect for formal occasions where you want to add a touch of class to your outfit.

For a timeless choice, our Sundre White is a must-have. This classic white color effortlessly complements any outfit and delivers a neat, polished appearance.

In addition to these classic colors, we offer some other eye-catching options. Sundre Navy is a deep and rich navy blue color that adds extra character to your outfit and is suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

For those looking to add a touch of playfulness to their style, we have the Sundre Blueberry. This deep blue colour with a hint of purple gives you a fashionable look and ensures you stand out in the crowd.

For a softer, more relaxed appearance, our Sundre Marina is the perfect choice. This stylish blue colour adds a touch of serenity to your look and is ideal for informal settings.

Finally, we have the Sundre Nori Green, a beautiful green colour that is perfect for a unique look, ensuring you grab attention and stand out from the crowd.

And don't forget our newest linen items! Meet Lindo Beige and Lindo Green. These shirts won't let you down, they will bring your outfit to a higher level. 

A linen shirt is the right choice for men!

At NØLSON, we understand that every body type is unique, and that's why we aim to provide the perfect fit for every man. Whether you have a slim physique or a broader figure, our linen shirt is versatile and will be a quality choice. Wearing a well-fitting shirt is essential to appear confident and stylish, and we ensure you can find the perfect fit.

In summary, the NØLSON linen shirt is not only available in a range of beautiful colours but also offers a versatile fit that suits every man. Whether you're looking for a formal look, a casual and relaxed style, or something in between, at NØLSON, you'll find the perfect linen shirt to meet your needs and style preferences.

Choose for a mens linen shirt to upgrade your wardrobe!

mens linen shirt, discover the perfect mens linen shirt at NØLSON

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The NØLSON brand was established in the beginning of 2016. We have created the perfect shirt for the creators of this generation. All our products are hand-made with love and care in the NØLSON atelier. Our mission to create the perfect shirt began with combining traditional craftsmanship with a modern and clean Scandinavian design.