The new generation of green shirts for men

In a world where style and comfort go hand in hand, green shirts for men shine as the new must-have for every trendy wardrobe. This modern collection of shirts not only promises a refined look but also a subtle nod to the timeless elegance of natural tones. Whether you opt for a relaxed weekend look or a sophisticated outfit for a night out, a green shirt instantly adds a touch of class to any occasion. Let's discover together why green shirts for men are the latest symbol of stylish self-expression.

NØLSON is your green partner in shirts for men

Discover our extensive range of green polo shirts and green linen shirts for men from the Lindo and Sundre collections. With a wealth of green shades ranging from deep dark green to vibrant olive green, our collections offer a refreshing and versatile choice of green colors. Whether you're looking for a classic green polo shirt for a relaxed day on the golf course or a chic olive green linen shirt for an elegant evening out, our Lindo and Sundre collections have the perfect green piece for every occasion. Explore our collections now and discover the timeless beauty and versatility of green men's clothing.

Are you the terrace enthusiast?

If you enjoy spending time on cozy terraces, then our Lindo green shirt for men is your perfect partner for those relaxed days. With its deep, dark green color and airy linen fabric, this shirt is ideal for warm summer days. It fits loosely and has a relaxed fit, so you can hang out in it effortlessly. The fun details, like the matching buttons and the beautiful collar design, add that extra bit of flair to your look. Whether you're enjoying a beer with friends or having dinner with your date in the evening sun. Our Lindo Green shirt ensures you look cool and comfortable wherever you are.

  • 100% terrace ready
  • 100% stylish

Are you the golf expert?

For those who feel at home on the golf course and take their swing as seriously as their style, we have something special. Meet our long-sleeved polo shirt in green for men: the ultimate garment that combines comfort and class for every round of golf. This polo, designed for the golf enthusiast who wants to look as good as their handicap, is made from a soft, breathable fabric that keeps you cool during the game and warm enough when the sun disappears behind the clouds. The deep green color not only looks great against the green of the course. It also shows that you're an expert in both golf and fashion. With this polo, you're not only the expert on the golf course but also a trendsetter in the club.

  • 100% sporty
  • 100% that you win the game

Are you more on vacation than in your own country?

For those who see themselves as world travelers and are always looking for new adventures, we have the perfect shirt for you. Our olive green linen shirt for men from the Sundre collection is the ultimate companion for all your travels, whether you're flying around the world or just taking a road trip through your own country. This shirt is made from airy linen, making it ideal for warm destinations and sultry summer evenings. The deep olive green color exudes adventure and perfectly complements the natural beauty of exotic landscapes. Whether you're lying on the beach, strolling through ancient cities, or discovering local delicacies. This shirt ensures you always look stylish, wherever you are. 

  • 100% vacation ready
  • 100% ready for adventure

Green versatile shirts for men

Discover the versatility of green shirts for men, which perfectly complement any occasion and personal style. Opt for a relaxed day on the terrace with our Lindo Green shirt, ideal for warm summer days. For golf enthusiasts, our long-sleeved polo in dark green offers the perfect combination of style and comfort on the course. Go on an adventure with our olive green linen shirt from the Sundre collection. These items keep you stylish and comfortable during your travels around the world.

Get your own green shirt for men?

Whether you're exploring the city, on the golf course, relaxing on the terrace, or traveling the world, our range of green shirts for men has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Add a touch of green to your wardrobe and experience the comfort and style that our shirts have to offer. Discover your perfect green polo and/or shirt now and get ready for any adventure.

Making Quality Affordable

The NØLSON brand was established in the beginning of 2016. We have created the perfect shirt for the creators of this generation. All our products are hand-made with love and care in the NØLSON atelier. Our mission to create the perfect shirt began with combining traditional craftsmanship with a modern and clean Scandinavian design.