Blouse vs shirt: We solve the great mystery

Welcome to the wonderful world of men's fashion, where terms like 'blouse' and 'shirt' sometimes get tossed around as if they're the same thing. But fear not, dear men, we're here to clear up this fashion conundrum once and for all! Grab a cup of coffee and sit back, because you're about to learn the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) differences between a blouse and a shirt.

What's the difference? Blouse or shirt

Let's start with the basic distinction. Historically, a 'blouse' is often seen as a lighter, looser garment more associated with women's fashion. On the other hand, the 'shirt' is a staple in every man's wardrobe—usually more tailored, structured, and yes, intended to impress (or at least to convince your mother-in-law that you have your life together).

The core: Features of our shirts

Now that we know the difference, let's dive deeper into the world of shirts, especially those stylish pieces from NØLSON. Whether you're looking for stretch shirts, linen models, shirts with a cutaway collar, or button-down shirts, NØLSON has them all. Here's a brief overview of what makes these shirts unique:

  • Stretch shirts: Ideal for men who like to move but want to look sharp. Perfect for those days when you sprint from the office to the pub.
  • Linen shirts: The hero of every summer wardrobe. Breathable, light, and ready to keep you cool under the hot sun.
  • Shirts with cutaway collar: For the man who likes a bit of flair. Pair it with a wide tie, and voilà, you’re ready for any business appointment.
  • Button-down shirts: The casual favorite that’s perfect for a cozy barbecue or an informal meeting.

How to wear our shirts?

Now that you know which shirts you can choose from, let's talk about how to wear them:

  • Stretch shirts: Pair them with chic trousers for work or jeans for casual days. Add a blazer for extra points.
  • Linen shirts: Go for the ultimate summer look with shorts and espadrilles. Perfect for a day at the beach or a café terrace.
  • Shirts with cutaway collar: These look splendid with a tailored suit. Choose a striking tie for the ultimate business look.
  • Button-down shirts: Perfect with a pair of chinos or, for a more relaxed look, roll up the sleeves and combine them with your favorite sneakers.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the distinction between blouses and shirts, and how to rock the latter in style. Visit NØLSON’s shirt collection for more inspiration and to expand your wardrobe with some essential, stylish shirts. Remember: a good shirt is not just a piece of clothing, it’s a statement.

Making Quality Affordable

The NØLSON brand was established in the beginning of 2016. We have created the perfect shirt for the creators of this generation. All our products are hand-made with love and care in the NØLSON atelier. Our mission to create the perfect shirt began with combining traditional craftsmanship with a modern and clean Scandinavian design.