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At NØLSON, we do all things slightly different, but we do keep the traditional way in mind.
We're young and would rather talk about a stylish shirt, than an old man’s office shirt.

Our Products

In search for the perfect shirt made from high quality fabrics at a fair price we encountered a problem. There were no stylish yet affordable men shirts available. This is exactly why we started designing and producing the perfect shirt for every man and every occasion!

A high quality shirt is essential for every man. You can wear your NØLSON shirt to work, during that night out or just during your day in the park. Shirts come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics and at NØLSON shirts we are selecting only the finest fabrics and combine this with high precision craftsmanship and design.

With our famous NØLSON slim-fit we set ourselves apart from the others and created a perfect slim-fit! The length of the shirt is made so that it can be worn both casually and formally. Wear your favorite NØLSON shirt just outside of your pants or tuck it in for a more formal look.

We use two different collar types:

Our signature NØLSON cutaway collar and an exclusive button-down collar.

Wear your perfect NØLSON shirt just outside your pants for a casual look. With jeans or chinos you will look very stylish. Going for a formal look? Then tuck your shirt into your pants and pull a jacket over it, we got you!

Our Fabrics

High Quality Garments

OXFORD 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
Oxford has a typical basket weave due to its interlinking warp and weft threads. Because the threads running in one direction are colored in light blue, while the threads in the opposite direction are colored white it results in a two-tone diced textured pattern. Due to this Oxford weave this shirt is very popular to be worn casually.

PIQUÉ 100% Cotton
A true Piqué is a double cloth with a fine face and coarser back. Our atelier uses Piqué fabric showing rounded, wavy welts in the direction, with pronounced sunken areas between. The deep dark blue color of this Piqué fabric combined with this exceptional wavy pattern creates outstanding look.

TWILL 100% Cotton
The Twill weave is a strong cotton fabric in which the threads are closely woven in a criss-cross pattern. By using a fine, dense warp over a coaser weft the Twill weave allows this fabric to be very lightweight. Furthermore this fabric feels cool and breathable because it made from 100% cotton. These key features make this Twill fabric ideal for shirts to be worn under a suit or casual on hot summer days.

SUMMER LINEN 70% Cotton, 30% Linen
This fabric composition offers three major advantages. To start the shirt will wrinkle less due to the 70% cotton woven into the fabric. In other words the shirts can be worn longer without wrinkling. Furthermore this premium mixed fabric will be easier to iron compared to a 100% linen fabric. Secondly, the shirt is fresh & cool due to the 30% linen that is woven into this fabric. Because of this you stay fresh and cool on hot summer days. The last great advantage of this fabric composition is the soft feeling of this fabric. Because of the high percentage of cotton in this fabric the shirt does not irritate the body.

With this new quarter zip you will always stand out from the rest! This exceptionally soft pull-over is made from a premium wool blend consisting of 30% wool, 45% acrylic and 25% nylon This quarter-zip sweater will keep you warm during cold winter days and nice and fresh on chilly spring days. This extraordinary quarter zip is easy to combine with many other NØLSON products such as our premium shirt collection or our comfortable polo collection.