The benefits of a cutaway collar!

cutaway collar


What is a cutaway collar?

A cutaway collar is a type of collar that is commonly used in men’s shirts. It is a collar that has a lot of open space between the two points, exposing more of the face. The name “cutaway” comes from the shape of the collar, which resembles a piece of cake cut out from the rest of the shirt. This collar is often associated with formal or dressy occasions but can also be worn casually depending on the material and styling of the shirt. The cutaway collar has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its modern and elegant appearance.

A shirt is an important piece of clothing for men. It can make or break an outfit. One of the key elements of a shirt is the collar. The collar can be defining for the appearance of the person wearing it. One of the most popular collars is the cutaway collar. This collar has a wide opening between the points. This is often seen as a modern and elegant choice.

The benefits of a cutaway collar

Casual and formal

One of the key advantages of a cutaway collar is its versatility, as it is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The wide opening between the collar points creates a modern and stylish appearance, while the collar itself remains classic and timeless. This allows the shirt to be worn both to a business meeting and to a party or dinner.


Another advantage of a cutaway collar is that it provides space for a wide necktie. Traditional collars often have a narrower opening between the points, which can make it difficult to accommodate a wider necktie. With a cutaway collar, this is not a problem. A wider tie can be easily worn. This creates a more balanced look and prevents the tie from standing out too much or not standing out at all.

Suitable for everyone.

Additionally, a cutaway collar is also highly suitable for individuals with a longer neck. The wide opening between the collar points creates an optical illusion of a shorter neck, which can contribute to a balanced appearance.

Space for accessoires

Another advantage of this collar is that it provides ample space for accessories. A tie clip or pin can be easily attached to the collar without detracting from the shirt’s appearance.

Comfort and freedom of movement

Lastly, a cutaway collar also offers a great deal of comfort and freedom of movement. The wide opening ensures that the collar is not too tight around the neck and does not feel restrictive when worn. This makes a cutaway collar ideal for individuals who need to move around throughout the day.

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