How hot do you iron a shirt?

As an enterprising man, you know that a sharp look begins with a perfectly ironed shirt. But how hot should you iron a shirt without damaging it while still effectively tackling those wrinkles? Learn more about ironing temperatures and the right techniques to make your shirts look their best with NØLSON.

Understanding temperature settings

Ironing a shirt is not just a chore; it’s an art. The temperature at which you iron is a crucial factor. Shirts come in various fabrics, and each type has its own 'sweet spot' when it comes to temperature. Too hot, and you could damage or even burn the fabric; too cool, and you’ll be left with a bunch of frustrating wrinkles.

  • Cotton: Most of NØLSON’s shirts are made from cotton due to its breathable and comfortable properties. Cotton can withstand relatively high temperatures, usually between 160-220°C. However, we recommend to start around 110°C, try out and raise the temperature if needed. Learn by doing!
  • Linen: Linen shirts, like the popular summer choices from NØLSON, require a high temperature close to that of cotton, but with extra steam to tackle those stubborn wrinkles.
  • Synthetic fibers: For shirts with synthetic fibers like acrylic you need to be more cautious. We recommend laying your item out flat to dry, without ironing. If needed, use a low temperature.

Always read our care guidelines included in your order for specific ironing instructions, because nothing says 'educated man' like someone who treats his clothes with care and attention.

Preparation is key

Before you start ironing, make sure your shirt is slightly damp. This makes ironing easier and helps in effectively smoothing out the fabric. Use a spray bottle to mist the shirt evenly, or iron the shirt immediately after it comes out of the washing machine. Fold and sort your shirts neatly before you begin, so you can tackle the task without any stress.

Ironing techniques for a flawless finish

Now that you know which temperature to use for your NØLSON shirts, let's delve into the ironing techniques that ensure your shirt looks as if it's straight from the tailor. Each shirt deserves the best treatment, and with these tips, you’re sure to impress, whether you’re at the office or at an important business meeting.

Step-by-Step to an ironed shirt to impress

  1. The collar: Start with the collar of the shirt. Lay the collar flat on the ironing board and iron from the center out towards the points. This helps remove any creases from the fabric and ensures the collar lies neat and flat.
  2. The sleeves: Move on to the sleeves next. Lay one sleeve flat on the ironing board and iron from the shoulder seam down to the cuff. Pay close attention to the pleats at the cuffs; they should be sharp and straight. Flip the sleeve over and repeat on the other side. Don’t forget to iron the cuff itself.
  3. The body: Start with the front of the shirt and work your way around. Iron the fabric using slow, even strokes, and don’t press too hard to avoid damaging the weave. Make sure you work around the buttons by carefully avoiding them with the tip of the iron.
  4. The back: Turn the shirt over and repeat the process on the back. Make sure to iron the entire length of the shirt, including the often-overlooked pleats at the bottom.

Tips for a crisp outcome

  • Use plenty of steam: Steam helps to soften stubborn wrinkles, especially in thicker cotton fabrics. Most modern irons have a steam feature; make use of this to enhance your ironing experience.
  • Check the fabric: Throughout the process, it’s important to regularly check that the fabric is responding well to the heat. If you notice the fabric becoming too hot or starting to shine, immediately reduce the temperature.
  • Regular cleaning: Ensure that your iron is clean. Old water residue or limescale can leave marks on dark fabrics.

Maintenance tips to keep your shirts as new!

Now that you have a shirt as smooth as your business pitches, how do you ensure it stays that way? Maintaining your shirts is almost as crucial as properly ironing them. With these maintenance tips, you can ensure your shirts last longer and continue to look as if they've just left the store—minus the extra creases, of course!

The secret to Longevity

  1. Wash wisely: Shirts appreciate gentle handling in the washing machine. Use a mild detergent and set the machine to a delicate cycle with cold water. Hot water is like kryptonite to your super shirt; it can weaken the fibers and cause colors to fade.
  2. Dry with care: Where possible, avoid the dryer. The heat can accelerate the shrinking process, and that’s not a superpower you want to have. Instead, hang your shirts on a hanger to air dry naturally. This not only helps minimize wrinkles but also conserves energy.
  3. Proper storage: Hang your shirts in your closet with ample space between them to prevent creasing. Think of hanging up your shirt like parking a luxury car; you don’t want it too close to anything else that might ding it.

Our best tip: Passing the iron

Don't be afraid to pass the iron on to someone else, like your mother:) — literally, that is. Sometimes, professional cleaning can do wonders, especially when dealing with stubborn stains or when you simply don’t feel like ironing yourself. Remember, even superheroes sometimes need a team—your shirts certainly do!

With these tips, you are well-equipped to maintain your NØLSON shirts like a pro. Remember, a well-cared-for shirt not only contributes to a sharp look but also boost confidence, whether you're in an important meeting or out for an evening. So, roll up your sleeves, apply these tips, and your shirts will thank you!

Making Quality Affordable

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