Which shirt to wear with a blue suit?

A blue suit is a classic that should not be missing from any male wardrobe. It is versatile, stylish and can be worn on a variety of occasions, from business meetings to weddings. But which shirt do you put on to make your blue suit really shine? Here's a guide to finding the perfect match and making sure you look your best.

The power of colour contrast

The first thing you want to look at when choosing a shirt for under your blue suit is contrast. A well-chosen contrast will make your outfit stand out without being overwhelming. Here are some safe and stylish options:

  • White: The most classic and safe choice. A crisp white shirt under a blue suit creates a sharp contrast that is both professional and elegant. It is also an excellent background for almost any tie.
  • Light blue: For a more subtle approach, choose a light blue shirt. This reduces contrast and creates a more streamlined, monochrome look that works particularly well for business occasions.

Each colour has its own charm and can be used to create different effects depending on the occasion and your personal style.

Play with your style

Besides colour, you can also play with patterns and textures to add style to your blue suit. The right shirt can give your outfit a personal touch and take your look to the next level.

A matter of patterns

Combining patterns can seem intimidating, but a few simple guidelines will get you a long way:

  • Striped shirt: A classic striped shirt in light colours like our light blue shirt can be a smart choice. Make sure the stripes are subtle so they don't clash with the sophistication of the suit.
  • Plaid or checks: A shirt with a small check pattern can also go well with a plain blue suit. It adds a playful element without losing formality.

Texture for depth

Texture can be just as important as colour or pattern:

  • Cotton Twill: Shirts with a subtle texture such as herringbone or twill offer visual interest without being distracting. They are ideal for business meetings where you want to be dressed neatly but not overly formal.
  • Oxford or Chambray: These fabrics have a natural texture that gives a casual but groomed look. Perfect for less formal occasions or a casual working day.

Choosing the right pattern or texture can help you express your personality while staying stylishly within the bounds of good taste. The key is to strike a balance between standing out and staying understated, so that your shirt complements your suit.

The finishing touch

After carefully choosing the perfect shirt to wear with your blue suit, it's time to complete the look with the right accessories. These elements can take your outfit from good to great and create a polished, cohesive look.

The perfect tie

One of the most important accessories in any formal outfit is the tie. It serves as a bridge between your shirt and suit and can be the centre of attention. If your shirt is a neutral colour, such as white or light blue, you can opt for a tie in a bold colour or with an interesting pattern to breathe some life into your ensemble. However, if your shirt already contains a pattern, it is important to find a tie that harmonises without competing. A tie with subtle polka dots or a paisley pattern can work well with a striped shirt and add a layering of style without being overpowering.

Watches and cufflinks

Alongside the tie, cufflinks and watches are classic additions that are both functional and stylish. Cufflinks can add a personal touch to your outfit without being overwhelming, and should therefore be chosen with care to go well with the shirt and suit. A well-chosen watch is not only practical, but also a sign of style and attention to detail. Make sure the watch matches the style of your suit and shirt, and that it is not too sporty for the occasion.

Make the final step

Finally, the shoes and belt complete your outfit. Classic black, brown, or even navy blue shoes go with a blue suit. Make sure they are well polished for a well-groomed look. A belt that matches your shoes well creates a cohesive and stylish whole, enhancing your entire look. Choosing the right shoes and belt is essential for maintaining a balanced and elegant appearance.

Each of these accessories contributes to the finesse of your overall look. Paying attention to these details will ensure you have an outfit that is carefully coordinated and will impress you on any important occasion.

Making Quality Affordable

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